Underwater Bouldering

By: Blonde Two

I think that Not-at-all-Blonde and I have invented a new sport (please don’t disillusion me). It is a bit like gorge scrambling and a bit – (more…)

Kinder Scout

By: Blonde One

   This is the day on our Gold Expedition that we had been most looking forward to: Kinder Scout day. Despite the misty and windy – (more…)

Yes Mam (Tor)

By: Blonde One

Our first day’s walking during our Gold style DofE expedition was on a very misty murky (claggy if you’re from up-north) day. We decided to – (more…)

A map or a chart?

By: Blonde One

Mr Blonde One has recently had a ‘0’ birthday. You know the ones: 30, 40, 50, etc? One of his presents was a flying lesson – (more…)