By: Blonde One

Easdon Tor

The bit of moorland on which Easdon Tor sits is detached from the rest of Dartmoor.  This means that happy Bimblers are unlikely to wander onto it by accident.  You should, however, pay it a visit at least once.

a)  Park your car in North Bovey and follow the signs past the church for Blackaller, then the road through Olde Yarde.

b)  Walk up the road and you will come to a green lane on the left which is signposted Langdon.  Follow this green lane for about 800 metres and then follow a short path on the left onto the open moor.

c)  Follow the track up the hill to the trig on Easdon Tor and the Whooping Rock (either a cure for whooping cough or a very noisy wind passage!)

d)  Walk east for 400 metres and you will find a cairn.  If you explore Easdon Hill just below the cairn, you may come across a rock called Figgie Daniel (think Bowerman’s Nose but chubbier!)

e)  Find the track that runs north and follow it.  It will soon take you east into some beautiful woods and then out onto the road at Luckdon.

f)   Follow the road north east for 1 kilometre and you will find yourself back at your car.

PS  There is a pub in North Bovey.  It is called the Ring of Bells Inn and is just up the road!