By: Blonde Two

We Blondes make no bones about the fact that we love the outdoors. What is more, we think that everybody else should love the outdoors too. We both love walking, wild camping and navigating (plus a bit of outdoor swimming for me) and we both love teaching other people how to enjoy these outdoor pursuits. Our outdoor hobbies have led us down paths (and sometimes rivers) that we never expected we would travel, here are our 10 great reasons we think everybody should get themselves an outdoor hobby.


Fresh air smells nicer than inside air (especially on a rainy day)

An outdoor hobby will take you to places you haven’t even heard of (who knew that ‘Kink in Leat’ was a place)

The sky is bigger than you think, you will only ever see part of it if you stay inside

Outdoor people are more friendly than indoor people (where else would you all share one cup of tea?)

We have fantastic season changes in this country, you can miss them completely if you stay inside

Scientists agree that regular exercise can extend your life (but who wants a longer life inside a sweaty gym?)

People who spend time outside are more interesting to talk to (because they have been somewhere)

People who walk in the rain know how to laugh at life. People who drive in the rain don’t

Your children deserve the opportunity to fall in love with the outdoors (and they will copy you)

Adventure, risk and working out the balance between the two keeps our brains active

The evidence is conclusive (and Blonde) get yourself an outdoor hobby, get on with it and #GetOutside!!