By: Blonde Two

No, we haven’t suddenly been joined by 98 other Blonde, slightly dipsy walker/navigators. Imagine the sight though – 100 Blondes in waterproofs, mascara and rucksacks, all striding across Dartmoor, compass and map in hand, chattering excitedly.  You would recognise us for sure because we would probably all set off in different directions and then fall about laughing (happens to Two Blondes a lot).

No, 100 Dartmoor Blondes is to recognise the fact (this has crept up on me) that this is the Two Blondes 100th blog post.  People talk about blogging a lot and I have avoided doing so because you guys have probably logged on to read about walking and Blonde mistakes.  I would just like to have a few words though, if you will indulge me.

Blogging can be slightly addictive – certainly, my New Year’s Resolution of a post for every day of 2013 is a commitment that is proving not to be as easy as I thought it may be to keep.  Don’t worry though, if you could pick out one characteristic of the Two Blondes beside dipsiness (sorry for the stereotype) it would be determination and we have no intention of letting our blog slip into nothingness.

Mostly though, it is fun.  When we are out walking on Dartmoor now, the words “that is a blog post” are common as we struggle with maps, mud and general mayhem.  It is nice to have the opportunity to talk about walks and the strange happenings that accompany them – and even nicer that you guys indulge us by reading what we write.

There are two really great things that I have found about blogging so far (lots of months to go).  The first is that we have made contact with lots of lovely people who share our love of being outside – it is brilliant to share stories so keep that coming.  The second is that you can’t write about walking unless you have actually been walking – so we have been to lots more places and covered many more miles than this time last year.

So blog number 100 it is then – well done us and well done to you guys for sticking with us.  I wonder how many it will be by the end of 2013.