By: Blonde Two

The family Blonde Two has a book with the above title.  Maybe once or twice a year, we get it out and see if we have collectively achieved any of the goals.  They are quite challenging which, if you think about it, is good because once you have done all of them, there really would be only one thing left to do …

We don’t take it very seriously really, the book is as silly as the family debates about who has achieved which goals.

This year’s achievements so far include;

Write a bestseller.”  Well I have written it but have yet to prove that it is a best seller!

“Make a Discovery.”  I don’t think they are talking about Landrovers here and I haven’t made one of those anyway but there was my amazing Fasta Pasta discovery.

“Realise your childhood dream.”  There were a few of those but visiting the Austrian Tirol was definitely one of them.

“Get off with a rock god.”  Please could I point out here that the 100 things are not compulsory!

“Learn another language.”  Mr Blonde Two went to Austria knowing no German and came back able to count and order cake with cream!

“Invent something.”  Remember the Truck-Lorry-Bus and the Desk-Top-Bin?  Excellent Blonde inventions!

“Live out of a van.”  Well it was a truck but we did live out of it for four days at least and the Blonde-Bus has been B1 and I’s home for much of the year.

I have had a BlondeBrainWave whilst writing this post.  Blonde One and I could write a list of 100 (well maybe 10) Blonde things to do before you turn Grey.  Hmm, maybe that could count as the best selling book instead!?!