By: Blonde Two

Boundary StoneNow this is a much more ambitious number of Blondes than the previous 100 Blondes item  which celebrated our 100th blog post.  This time I am writing in appreciation of the fact that our site has now been visited over 10,000 times.  Now this either means that my Mum has been very busy or that some of you lovely people are actually reading what we are writing.  I have tried not to get excited by the numbers and my early days of watching site statistics have receded a bit (I only check 50 times a day now!) but it is nice to know that we have some regular blogees/blogettes.

So here is my celebration of the number 10,000.  The research didn’t start well, Wikipedia for example starts with the helpful explanation that 10,000 is the number between 9,999 and 10,001 (even a Blonde can work that out).  But did you know that 10,000 is the square of 100 (100 square Blondes – that would be a bit boring) or that a myriagon is a 10,000 sided shape (that would be an odd shaped hill).

It takes 10,000 Helium balloons to lift a house (it is true if you believe Pixar).  There is a clock inside a mountain in Texas that has been designed to tick for 10,000 years and play a different tune every time it chimes.  The Japanese have a 10,000 yen note.

But how does the number 10,000 relate to the Two Blondes?  We have probably walked well over 10,000 steps across Dartmoor, probably laughed at our own antics 10,000 times but I am hoping that we have not eaten 10,000 Jelly Babies – I might feel guilty about that.  One thing that I do know is that there have been people living and working on Dartmoor for 10,000 years – the Two Blondes are just a tiny drop in a big, green ocean.  Even if it is a very small one, it is good to know that we are playing a part.