By: Blonde Two

An amazing thing has just happened, 100,000 (that’s one hundred thousand) people have looked at our blog.

Well, it seems doubtful that 100,000 (that’s one hundred thousand) different people have looked at our blog; but a couple of different scenarios are playing out in Blonde heads this morning:

1) Wembley stadium full (plus 10,000 standing on the pitch) of people all ignoring the football and reading Two Blondes Walking.

2) One very keen (and maybe a bit worrying) Blonde groupie who has read the blog 100,000 (that’s one hundred thousand) times.

3) Several quite keen (and probably harmless) Blonde fans who have read the blog lots of times and sometimes read the same post twice.

4) Some very supportive family members with a variety of creative and unusual pseudonyms.

Whichever (if any) of the above is the truth, we Blondes feel that this is an occasion to be marked. We have written stuff and lots of people have read it (even when it was a bit boring). Thanks Blondees and Blondettes, thanks family, thanks pseudonymineess, thanks weirdos, thanks groupies. We never thought we would get this far … next stop infinity (and beyond!)

I wonder if between us we have eaten 100,000 (that’s one hundred thousand) Jelly Babies!