By: Blonde Two

When you write a blog post every day of the year, and when that blog post is read by (on average) 170 people each day, it is inevitable that, sooner or later, somebody is going to disagree with you.

People are allowed to you know; there are people out there who know lots more than us Blondes, about all sorts of things (e.g. bogs, Dartmoor, weather); but I am going to be really honest and say that I don’t like the disagreement. I know why; it isn’t because I think I am always right (am more likely to worry that I am wrong), or because I don’t want to learn (I love learning); it is because I have a deep down, slightly childish desire to be liked by … well … everyone.

The good think about a bit of disagreement and debate is that it makes the blog more interesting and more ‘organic’ (a word that has been rather annoyingly adopted by the social media world). Google’s search engines apparently like ‘organic’ but I am guessing that they aren’t ready yet for ‘orgasmic’! I think that we Blondes are going to have to get used to a degree of friendly argument; the blog is growing, we still love Dartmoor and we have no plans to stop writing … yet!