By: Blonde One

Over the last few days I’ve been lucky enough to have been on and in a wide variety of transport. I’ve been all over the place in the South of our beautiful country, it feels like. From a little tiny rock in the Atlantic Ocean (Isles of Scilly) to as far East as High Wycombe, various places close to Hayward’s Heath, and numerous places in between. An ex colleague, Mrs Whitewood, once endowed me with a new job title at school: Transport Minister, in charge of the fleet of one minibus. She would have been very proud of me this week, surveying all these different types of transport! As I travelled on each of them (mostly without Blonde Two) I pondered their suitability as a Blonde Mobile.


The biggest and most unusual transport was the ferry to the Isles of Scilly. The Scillonian has a reputation for being a bit rocky so this would not do at all. However, there is plenty of time (3 hours) for a meeting. Unfortunately I had to rule this one out though as there’s no internet.

The numerous small tripper boats on the islands are not ideal either as there’s too much to look at with the clear waters and distant white sandy beaches. Blonde Two often gets a bit tongue-tied on these boats too so any meeting would be a little one sided.

We hired our own 14’ boat motor boat from the island of Bryher. This would be good but we would end up giggling too much. Also, there’s not much room for rucksacks and no need for walking boots.


Cycling is perhaps the least favourable option as everyone knows that you can’t talk in a straight line!

Although I didn’t do this this time, you can hire a golf buggy on the island of St Mary’s. I think this would be a good option as there is room for rucksacks (just) and the slow speed would allow serious (and silly) conversation.

Back home on the mainland I was pleased to get back to the Landy. My trusty car (complete with muddy footwells and interesting items in the boot) is the perfect vehicle. The seats can be heated when it’s cold and the air con keeps us cool when it’s hot. There are cup holders in the right place and sweets in the glove box.

Blonde Two and I travelled in style with a posh Audi Convertible. We looked and felt like ‘Ladies that lunch’ for a whole weekend driving around the South East. However, we were very aware of keeping it clean and not getting it muddy from our boots.

By far my most favourite transport though was the minibus. It came complete with teenagers, rucksacks stuffed full of kit and an air of excitement for the impending expedition.