By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I spent the early part of 2014 trying to decide whether it was going to be a year of triumph or disaster.  We concluded about half way through (and, as it turns out were right) that it was going to be both. This review is as much for my treasured friend Blonde One as it is for you Blondees and Blondettes. It is a record of a challenging time when we needed each other, bit off a whole lot of chewing and (obviously) came out the other side -stronger, wiser but a whole lot Blonder!

January – The Two Blondes ponder the busy year ahead.

Ten Tors (1 day walk)DSC_0422

Blonde Two tries hard (but fails) not to write  a blog post on New Year’s Day

Both Blondes end up sitting in a hole during a Dartmoor hail storm

The NightNavOff challenge is born and won!

February – The month of dynamic  planning.

Ten Tors (2 days, 1 camp), DofE (2 days, 1 Youth Hostel) Exmoor Sunbathing

The Two Blondes first Ten Tors camp of the year

The Blondes ponder a Dartmoor Winter Olympics

The Blondes make lots of plans but Dartmoor proves, once again, that she is in charge!

The Blondes venture onto another moor and meet a very Silly Bridge.

March – Blonde Two refuses to be redundant.

Ten Tors (4 days, 3 camps) DofE (2 evenings) (Dartmoor Rescue – 1 day)


The Two Blondes undertake some very dynamic emergency planning

A Dartmoor day of absolute perfection with our Ashburton Dartmoor Rescue friends

The Blondes face a weekend of “Triumph and Disaster” together and “The Christmas Tissue” is born – –

Blonde Two decides that she is not redundant after all

The first Blonde Bimble is published in Active Dartmoor Magazine.

Dartmoor mothering on Mothering Sunday

April – How on earth did we fit it all in?DSC_0906

Ten Tors (2 days, 1 camp), DofE (4 days, 1 camp, 1 bunkhouse)

The Blonde Chariot attracts some attention

Blonde One demonstrates some extremely good skills

The Blondes and their DofE youngsters meet Ranger Bill

Blonde Two contemplates a career change and writes her CV

Two Ten Tors Blondes are grilled by a big cheese

May – Ten Tors Success (We did that!)

Ten Tors (3 days, 2 camps), DofE (3 days, 2 camps)Prince Hall Hotel View

The Blondes experience a very wet Dartmoor camp and a sense of humour failure

Some young heroes are recognised

“Straight through hell with a smile”, Ten Tors success

Two Blondes, Two mad Dartmoor inventors

The Two Blondes master (?) the phonetic alphabet

And develop their own theory of evolution

June – DofE Bronze Expedition (We did that!)

DofE (2 days, 1 camp)Widgery Cross

The dumbness of Blondes is considered and rejected

Two Blondes go clitter picking

Both Blondes are moved by some lovely thank you’s

The Blondes redefine the word “improvisation”

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