By: Blonde Two

It is, of course, impossible to tell what the Two Blondes will be writing in our review of 2015. Anything could happen in twelve months! Imagine for example if:

We finally managed to do our long-planned North to South Dartmoor walk.

We decided that wine gums were better than Jelly Babies.

We found time to do a long-distance walk, maybe Scotland.

We launched more Blonde publications.

We finally got to spend a night at the Prince Hall Hotel.

We went wild swimming in January.

We turned our ‘jobby’ into a proper wage paying job.

We bought our bunkhouse on Dartmoor.

Blonde Two learnt how to drink more than a pint.

Blonde One took over the cooking.

We camped in February and neither of us was cold.

Blonde Two’s sunglasses lasted a whole year.

Blonde One grew to love her new rucksack.

The possibilities are endless – if you have any other ideas, please do let us know!

PS In theory when you read this, I should be on Dartmoor, just waking up to greet the new year and crawling out of my blue bivvy bag. In practice, right now, the wood burner is very, very cosy!