By: Blonde One

A very exciting thing happened at Ten Tors this year as well as the fantastic efforts again by the Trinity School team and the other 2400 teenagers who took on the challenge of walking 35, 45 or 55 miles unassisted across Dartmoor. This year marked the 20th year that I have been helping out with Ten Tors in some capacity or other. I began my journey with Ten Tors in 1999 as I was invited by my very good friend Lyndsay to join her to help train the youngsters at our school. I have never looked back (well, maybe sometimes) and 20 years later I am very pleased with that decision to join her.

As well as receiving a Gold medal and a certificate I got something that I have always wanted: a helicopter ride over the moors.


Lyndsay is still my very good friend and she managed to get hold of 2 tickets to go up in one of the amazing Merlin helicopters for a short flight over the moors. I am so pleased that she asked me to take the second ticket and be her plus one. The trip was exhilarating and exciting; the view from the back was simply breathtaking. To see the moorland that I love so much from this amazing viewpoint was just the best thing ever! The short flight went all to quickly before we landed at Okement Hill.

What a fabulous way to celebrate 20 years of voluntary service to Ten Tors. Bring on the next 10 years!