By: Blonde Two

It must be the month for it because Blonde One has had Little-Miss-Blonde home for a brief visit between adventures and I have seen all three of my offspring in the space of a week. Here is a brief status report:

Not-at-all-Blonde remains more sensible than her mother,
for example, (unlike her mother) she appears to be able to put all of her clothing on the right way round. She came back from the depths of Up-North for a visit over Easter and we had a grand time. It was nice to have someone to try clothes on with, take out for lunch and wake up with a sarcastic remark about it being the afternoon. Daughters, it would appear, are a bit like sisters.

We drove up (well Mr B2 did) to visit Six-Foot-Blonde in the more northern reaches of Up-North and also enjoyed spending time with Red-Red-Robyn (his young lady) and Opie-the-Wonder-Dog. With Six-Foot-Blonde it was nice to have someone to walk in the rain with, drink coffee under a tarp with and contrast and compare outdoor gear with.

Bearded Blonde has arrived home for a brief visit (a week!) after five months in Australia. He has come back with a great big smile on his face, a solidly English accent and a fuzzy man-beard, but not his dreadlocks. It has been nice to have someone to share music with, drink copious cups of tea with and cook a roast dinner for.

It is a shame in some ways that these three didn’t arrive at the same time, we haven’t all been together since May 2016. Having said that, it is when you spend time on your own with your grown-up children, actually talking to them, that you realise you probably did a much better job bringing them up than you gave yourself credit for at the time.