By: Blonde Two

30 years is a long time but those of you who have done anything for 30 years (for example, worked in the same job, dieted or even lived) will know that 30 years can go by very quickly, very quickly indeed.

Mr B2 and I have been married for 30 years today. It would be a very long blog post if I told you about each one of those so here are some snippets,

The first time he spoke to me he asked me what I was knitting (it was a jumper and I am still knitting today but not the same jumper).

When he sent me a Valentine’s card to ask me out I initially decided that he was ‘too short’.

Our first car was a Mini that leaked water through the passenger floor, had brakes that needed pumping before they would work and eventually exploded into flames. I spent a lot of time in his parents’ garage helping to bleed brakes.

We honeymooned at Symmond’s Yat and argued about going for a walk but enjoyed the bottle of champagne in the bath, the subsequent falling over and the vast quantities of hotel food. I had never stayed in a hotel before.

We lived on the lounge floor of a friend’s house for two months while I was expecting our first baby.

Our years of child-rearing are a blur of making meals from potatoes and not much else, a colossal amount of fun and cars that broke down.

We had a ‘Fit for 30’ (years of life not marriage) campaign around the time of our 30th birthdays that saw us looking almost as trim as the day we got married.

I am not sure what happened when we turned 40 but I remember parties and not much exercise. I had turned from an earth mother to a career girl at this point, he was still working hard to pay the mortgage.

These days we enjoy going for a walk together but it has taken most of those 30 years for that to happen.

Mr B2 is my other adventure companion (besides B1). We have discovered a love for traveling together, camping, exploring and generally enjoying the outdoors. We prefer different outdoor activities but have learned how to compromise and encourage each other.

Turns out he wasn’t too short. He was just right.

Happy 30th anniversary Mr B2.