By: Blonde Two

Is work consuming your life and eating into your family time?
Do you sometimes feel like you are living only for the weekends?
Are you stuck for ideas about what to do when you eventually get to spend time with the kids?

These are not my questions but they are ones that I may well have asked when my youngsters were a bit younger (these days they take me on their adventures!)

If they are your questions then you probably need a copy of 50 Evening Adventures by fellow Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champions Tim, Kerry, Amy and Ella Meek. If you are wondering why this book has quite so many authors, it is because the Meeks are a family and not just an ordinary one. These guys know how to have an adventure and they know how to have it as a family! I don’t know anyone else brave enough to take their youngsters out of school for a year to go on a family ed-venture! You can read more of their story here

50 Evening Adventures is one of those books that can light a spark (and let’s face it, we all need a spark). There are indeed 50 very doable family adventures contained within (you also can adventure without a family if you so choose). From the more sedate snail race or silent walk, to the exciting river swimming or night walking, you are bound to find something you haven’t tried before, that would persuade your kids off the sofa and out into the land of great adventures.

50 Evening Adventures 2

A lovely book packed with inspirational photos that will make you think, ‘Yes I could do that with my family.’ 50 Evening Adventures is based on reality and written by people who have tried the adventures and come home wanting more. Available from Amazon this definitely deserving of a place on any family bookshelf, or hopefully in any family rucksack!