By: Blonde Two

By Blonde One

At a recent DofE managers’ meeting one of our first tasks was to find out from the people on our table some basic information. It was a networking exercise and as always, it was fascinating to find out about others doing a similar job. What amazed me this time was the response to ‘how long have you been DofE manager’ question. On our table of 5 managers the answer was 55! Now if this was evenly split it would be amazing; 5 people would have given up 11 years worth of time to help brilliant (and possible some not-so brilliant) youngsters achieve the Award. However, on our table one manager had been running the Award for 35 years! Yes, you read that right; 35 years. This is the most fantastically astounding statistic. This lovely man, from the gorgeous Isles of Scilly has spent more than half of his life helping other people. He has enabled hundreds of participants achieve something meaningful and worthwhile which will inevitably have had a positive impact on their lives.

MR SCILLY: I am putting you on a very high blonde pedestal. Without people like you the world would be a much poorer place.