By: Blonde One

Currently I am in the middle of some training for my very lovely Young Leaders. These young people are already a massive help to me and provide practical assistance, moral support, a sounding board and excellent advice for all manner of outdoorsy problems. I’m not really sure how I would manage without them! Every now and then they get an opportunity thrown their way; they are very good at grabbing these opportunities with both hands. A super-duper friend and fellow DofE manager and I are running an Introduction to the DofE training course for a select group of special teenagers. This will give them the extra skills needed and formalise their expertise.

We are only half way through the course and already I am impressed with the knowledge that the group have. The quote of the evening had to go to (let’s call him) Jacob, who said: ‘I’ve surprised myself with how much I already know’.

If the only outcome of these hours of training is a boost in confidence then it will be well worth the effort.