By: Blonde Two

As if the world didn’t have enough to worry about, this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert has, once again, caused much controversy and discussion:

  • Beatles fans aren’t happy because the track that originally followed ‘Golden Slumbers’ (the backing song to the advert) on the album is missing.
  • Mums aren’t happy because they are worried their children will think monsters under the bed are real (I haven’t told my mum recently that I still jump into my bed just in case there is something under there waiting to grab my ankles).
  • Other people aren’t happy because the advert cost £7 million to make… (and presumably because they haven’t got £7 million).

Which is why we Blondes would like to present our Christmas advert for 2017. We have two main messages… ‘Get Outside’ (of course you will) and ‘Buy our absolutely lovely children’s books’ (of course you want to!)

  • There are (despite my concerns) no monsters under beds.
  • The music is a tune that can be (and frequently is) played over and over again without anybody knowing which song should come next.
  • Everybody will love our advert because it cost £0 million to make.

We like it, you will have to let us know what you think…



Buy Christmas Books Now


PS I do apologise for mentioning the ‘C’ word in November but business is business, we Blondes don’t run on fresh air you know!