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As a walking enthusiast, I get the pleasure of experiencing all kinds of wildlife and nature – including birds. We’re lucky to have a wide range of beautiful bird breeds living in the UK. Unfortunately though, their numbers are on the decline, making now a more important time than ever to start doing your bit for the UK’s bird population.

Fortunately, the lovely people over at Kennedy Wild Bird Food are here to help! They’re providing their top tips to help you help the birds in your area in 2018. Read on to discover how…

1. Take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

The Big Garden Birdwatch is an annual event run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds that encourages people to count the wildlife they see in their local gardens and parks. By telling the RSPB what wildlife you see, you can help with the conservation of certain breeds!
The event is running from the 27-29th of January 2018, so be sure to mark your calendar and get involved.


2. Feed birds the right foods

If you like to feed the birds in your garden or on your walks, it’s important to make sure you’re feeding them the right foods.
Foods such as white bread and biscuits may seem like a nice snack for us humans, however, in large quantities they can be harmful to birds. Instead, opt for foods such sunflower seeds, mixed bird seed or chopped fruit to keep the birds healthy and happy in 2018!




3. Make a bird bath

Having a bird bath in your garden will provide a great spot for birds to rehydrate and keep clean. Follow this guide from the RSPB on how to make the perfect bathing spot for your feathered friends.

4. Keep pets away from birds

Pets such as cats and dogs are responsible are responsible for the unnecessary killing of thousands of birds every year. Do your bit for birds in 2018 by keeping pets away from birds where possible.
Keeping your dog on a lead when going for a walk, or placing bird food and bird baths out of the reach of pet cats can help to keep birds safe and sound.

5. Clean your bird feeder and bird bath regularly

If many birds visit your garden, this can make it easier and quicker for diseases to spread. However, regularly cleaning your feeder and bird bath can help to keep them free of disease and keep your garden birds healthy!

6. Avoid trimming trees and bushes

Leaving the trees and bushes in your garden slightly overgrown can help to provide great food sources and shelter for any birds that visit!

7. Leave baby birds on their own

If you find a baby bird on your travels, it’s best to leave it on it’s own. Although this may sound cruel, it’s important that newborn birds learn how to fend for themselves outside the nest. However, if you do find an injured bird, it’s best to take it to your local wildlife centre where they can tend to it properly.


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