By: Blonde Two

IMGP4991Yesterday Mr Blonde Two and I finally made it up to Dartmoor-on-Snow.  Everyone else was there too but it turned out alright in the end as everyone else didn’t seem to want to leave their cars (told you I was an outdoor snob).  I am a little bit ashamed that we added a small element to the traffic mayhem but really enjoyed seeing one of my favourite Dartmoor spots looking totally transformed.

Yep, you guessed it – I couldn’t resist going up to the Dartmoor Christmas Tree and seeing how it was coping with the cold weather.  And what a walk it was – we parked at Cold East Cross.  I have often wandered why it is called that but today it was Cold and it was East and there were a fair number of Cross people – so I guess it made perfect sense.

We left the cross place behind and enjoyed a lovely snow bimble up to the tree.  It was icy underfoot in places but mostly, it was firm, packed snow.  I was particularly excited to note that I didn’t sink through the snow but walked on top of it.  This is obviously more to do with the fact that I am losing weight (I am not) than the composition and freezingness of the snow.  Yes, I know that freezingness is not a real word but it does the job well don’t you think.

There are actually no words that can describe how beautiful the Christmas Tree looked but I like to chatter so I will give it a go.  The snow had frozen an inch out at right angles from each branch and it was completely smothered.  Imagine blowing Royal Icing at a tree through a fine hose and you will get the idea – I never really thought that cakes looked that good in Royal Icing but found out today that trees are crying out to be decorated in it.  As well as that, there was a little drop of crystal clear ice at the end of each branch.

Mother nature is a clever girl and almost certainly a Blonde at heart.  Who knows, maybe she was aiming for a cake and hit a tree instead but whatever happened, it has had the most stunning effect and she has beaten us people hands down at Christmas Tree Decoration!