By: Blonde Two

I have to confess that today’s blog post is less about Two Blondes Walking and much more about Two Blondes Blogging.  We are planning a “Review of the Year” soon so I won’t say too much about the amazing people we have met (both physical and virtual) during our Annus Blogibilis.

I wanted to talk more about the very modern phenomenon (such a hard word to touch type) that is online friendship.  Blonde One and I were chatting, as we sat in the dark and watched the Dartmoor mist on Tuesday night, about what it would be like to meet all of our new online comrades.  We have, of course, met a select few of you.  It has amused us that although we spend a fair amount of time warning youngsters about the dangers of strangers on the internet, we are quite happy to wander off to Dartmoor to be rescued from the dark by said strangers.

Making friends online is a curious process. There seems to be none of the preamble that is required with a face to face friendship, you find someone who sounds interesting, you form an image of them in your head and then you type at them.  Then you type at them some more and, hey-presto, you start looking forward to seeing what they have typed back at you.

The Two Blondes do wonder from time to time what images you have all formed of us in your heads.  I hadn’t realised that being “secret” could be so much fun.  We originally decided to do it so that we could talk freely about all aspects of our Dartmoor life but I have to confess to an enormous liking for my alter-ego and her super-blonde partner-in-non-crime.  Together, they have much more fun than just plain old … … and … …

84 Charring Cross Road is a book by Helene Hanff about a twenty year written correspondence between herself and a London seller of antique books.  It is a great read.  Over the years, friendships develop and the reader spends the whole book wondering if the two letter writers will ever meet.  I am not going to tell you if they do or not, it would spoil the story.  Neither am I going to tell you if you are ever going to meet the Two Blondes or not because we haven’t decided yet (obviously you wouldn’t have any say in the matter).  It would be interesting though, to watch your faces as we met (obviously at Foxtor Cafe in Princetown).  Who knows what you would be thinking; maybe we would not be Blonde enough, maybe we would be too Blonde or maybe we would be exactly the Two Blondes that you were expecting to meet.

Shall we try it and see sometime?