By: Blonde Two

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blonde Blog, I have yet another confession to make.  I have recently been suffering from the sin of competitiveness.  Our regular readers will remember that Mr Blonde Two went on a Welsh adventure recently, during which he camped wild, not in a tent but in a bivvi bag.  As I like to think of myself as a bit of an adventurer and as I have never slept out (or even in the lounge) in a bivvi, I feel a challenge coming on.

Some challenges are welcome ones, they give you a kind of “grrrr” feeling and make your want to take immediate action.  For me, this challenge is of the less than welcome kind, more “brrr” than “grrr”.  To be honest, I am fighting a battle with myself about it.  Half of me wants to be able to say “Oh yes, I slept out without a tent on Dartmoor last night” and the other half (the bigger half) wants to stick to sleeping in a tent where sheep, caterpillars (big furry ones on Dartmoor) and mad axe men (they are probably big and furry too) can’t get to me.

Mr B2 and I have had a chat about this issue and I have tentatively put forward June 21st (midsummer’s day) as B-Day (bivvy day).  As both six-foot-blonde and not-at-all-blonde have their birthdays on this day, the plan will be dependent on their plans (obviously I am not secretly hoping that we will be otherwise engaged that night!).

Bivvy site 1

On Sunday, with this in mind, Mr B2 and I set off to scout out some possible bivvy sites.  It is amazing how much fun this can be – we spent a happy couple of hours around two tors, discussing the relative pros and cons of different spots and even lying down in a couple of them.  As well as sticking to the Dartmoor by-laws (100m from the road, not visible), there were two main criteria, the site needed to face East so that we could lie snug in our sleeping bags and watch the sun rise (who am I kidding) and there need to be room for two people to lie side by side so that I could grab Mr B2 whenever mad axe men appeared.

As far as I can see, apart from animals and axe men, the main issues with bivviing are going to be;  1.  Rolling down the hill, 2.  The fact that we only have one bivvy bag.  3.  Big rocks falling on your head.  4.  It is bound to be colder than a tent.  Only the future will tell whether or not I will go through with this.  It all seemed pleasant enough lying in the sun – at least on June 21st, the night will be relatively short!