By: Blonde Two

I went up to visit The Dartmoor Christmas Tree yesterday to see how he is coping with his new found fame. It was chilly and very windy so we only had a short conversation. Tree has one (rather unusual, but quite sweet) decoration so far this year, and mentioned that he would like some more.

My ‘bit of a worry’, is that Tree is not looking as healthy as he has in previous years. Just like in the book (surely you have all read it by now) Tree’s needles are a bit brown and he looks a bit scruffy. During the summer, Tree appeared to be doing rather well, he had lots of bright green new growth and looked quite the Tree-about-the-hill.

I am not sure what I can do to help him, apart from go up for a chat every now and again. If there are any tree experts (treeperts) out there, please could you give me some advice? I have a few ideas but am not sure what will work:

1. Sparkly lights – these usually cheer up inside Christmas trees but would they keep a moorland tree awake at night?

2. A mulch of mince pies and satsumas – this would definitely cheer me up but maybe trees prefer turkey and stuffing.

3. A tipple of the good stuff. We Blondes regularly take ginger wine or cherry brandy up to the tree, maybe we should share it.

All advice gratefully received, Tree is quite an experimental arbor and I am sure he will do his best to comply.