By: Blonde Two

Ladies and Gentlemen. This weekend, this Blonde is going on an exciting adventure. She is leaving the bounds of beautiful Dartmoor and heading for the wild bogs of mid Wales.

As you know, I am used to being outside but everything else about this trip is going to be different from the usual Blonde Bimble:

1. I am not going with my buddy Blonde One. I am going with another friend whose wild adventuring usually takes the form of fell-running. I don’t do running and have been promised that we can walk!

2. I will be the only Blonde – my fell-running friend is … (hesitates for artistic effect) … a brunette!

3. I am not wild camping. We are planning to stay in one of Wales’ lovely mountain bothies. We have a few options lined up, one of them even promises a toilet!! I will be taking my bivvy bag just in case we change our minds.

4. It is going to be raining. Oh, that is the same as usual. It has been scientifically proven by extensive Blonde research that Wales is the only place in the world that is wetter than Dartmoor!

5. I will not be taking OL28. In fact, I am going to need a new map (plenty of room in the map cupboard).

I am excited about my prospective adventure. Obviously I will be letting you know how I get on. Wela ichi!