By: Blonde Two

We Blondes will be at Okehampton Army Camp today and for the next few days, and will be surrounded by Ten Tors managers; all busy preparing and looking after their teams.

We know who they are (some by name, but you learn a lot of faces) but would you be able to recognise a Ten Tors manager if you came across one on Dartmoor or maybe (heaven forbid) in Foxtor Cafe? Not sure? Here is a handy Blonde Guide to help you:

1. He or she (yep girls can manage too) will be wearing either a technical down jacket (younger), a Paramo smock (middle aged) or a battered Buffalo Mountain Shirt (let’s say ‘experienced’!)
2. He or she will be clutching either a damp piece of paper (nervous), a spreadsheet printout (confident) or a clipboard (cocky).
3. He or she will carry the following in his or her rucksack: A pair of binoculars (for observing), three different map versions of Dartmoor (for bird avoidance) and a roll of Gaffer Tape (for just about everything else).
4. He or she will do a lot of pointing, tor naming and eye shutting.
5. He or she will stand at all times (and this is the final giveaway), with his or her feet about shoulder width apart (slightly further than Nelson on his column but with more arms.)

If you think this is all a bit odd then please do remember something very important. These managers have all worked very hard to get their teams to where they are today. To be honest, they have probably earned the right to wear what they want, point where they want and stand exactly as they please. I say ‘Well done!’ and ‘Nice clipboard!’