By: Blonde One

Last weekend I spent the day at a conference for all of the leaders of a World Challenge expedition over the summer of 2015. It was a most excellent day where I met amazing people (such as the incredible expedition medic), learnt fascinating facts (such as how mules in Morocco are cared for) and was tempted by fabulous exhibits from around the world. I really was like a kid in a candy store: I wanted to speak to everyone, learn everything and fly around the world to see for myself how amazing the places were. I came home with my head buzzing with ideas, my heart full of excitement, my arms full of freebies and my pockets full of insects … yes, you read it right … my pockets were full of insects that were given out as little treats from around the world. Grubs from Africa and crickets from Ecuador for instance. I think the toffee from India might have been better, but who wants to settle for the easy option?