By: Blonde Two

Blonde One has told you before about her lovely Jetboil. We used it lots during last year’s adventures and I have to say that I had hot-water-speed envy!

Until now. I recently decided that it was about time that I had a speed-boiler of my own and studied the market (well actually I just looked at the Alpkit website). Alpkit are well known for producing good quality outdoor kit at a price that is below that of the more known brands. Their stuff is often so popular that they run out of stock. Their equivalent to the Jetboil is called the Brukit. It is cheaper than the Jetboil (you can look up how much), so of course I bought one.

Yesterday Blonde One and I decided that we would introduce our stoves to each other and let them spend a happy few minutes on Dartmoor boiling away next to each other. (If you are a bloke, you would probably call this a gear review).Jetboil and Brukit 1

Here is what we found out:

Jetboil – More compact, slightly quicker, lovely orange ‘I’m-hot-now’ indicator thingy, a stand for the gas canister (it was windy) and there was wobbling and some extra gadgety bits.

Brukit – Large enough for two dinner-bags, a nice bag to store everything in, a metal handle, slightly unstable in the wind with no stand, heavier (by 66 grams), butt welded (I have no idea what that is, it sounds painful).

In all honesty, there wasn’t much in it. The Jetboil has a certain sleekness to it so is maybe the Brukit is the more brutish older brother but (because it is a girl) the Jetboil was slightly quicker.Jetboil and Brukit 2

I know, you gear guys are disappointed now because I haven’t told you the boil times. You have to remember though that this was a Blonde Time Trial – guess which pair of Blondes forgot to do any timing whatsoever!