By: Blonde Two

Once upon a time, the blue-bag was a bag of blue dye (indigo and later ultramarine) which was dipped in the rinsing water of laundry to stop it having a yellow appearance.

I didn’t get one of those for Christmas.

Later, the blue-bag was a 0.6g bag of salt, designed to give the avid crisp eater control over the saltiness of his snack.

I didn’t get one of those for Christmas either.

These days, a blue-bag may well be an item of expanding size into which you are encouraged to put your Swedish furnishing purchases, strange shaped desk lights and mini-chocolates as you exit IKEA.

We already have plenty of those, so I didn’t need one for Christmas.

But I did get a blue-bag. It is much bigger than any of those described above; big enough, in fact, for me, Big Orange (sleeping bag), a sleeping mat and my many layers of sleeping clothing to fit inside. This is good news because it means that finally, I can have a go at the fine art of bivvying. A tricky to spell word which, I am hoping means, “Sleeping safe, secure and dry in a bag whilst admiring the stars.” but on Dartmoor is much more likely to mean, “Sleeping with a wet face in a damp bag, worrying about ponies trampling on you, whilst gazing into the mist.” We shall see, either way, I am looking forward to it!