By: Blonde One

Nature Reserve

It might seem a strange place to have a nature reserve – right in the middle of a bustling town – but Teignmouth has just that. Right in the middle of quite a built up residential area sits Coombe Valley nature reserve. It’s quite a small nature reserve but has lots to offer. It’s a ten minute walk away from work and easily accessible during a lunchtime walk or an after work walk.


It seems to be a little hidden gem within Teignmouth and despite there being quite a few people walking their dogs or letting their children play on the many items of play equipment, I wonder just how many of the Teignmouth population actually know that it is there. The area used to be used for farming, which makes sense when you look at the geography and assume that it was once of the edge of the town.

Now however, it is a fabulous little family oriented place full of interesting things like rope bridges, wooden sculptures and pond teeming with life.