By: Blonde Two

We Blondes get up to a fair few exciting things. In fact, I think we both thrive on living life that little bit ‘on the edge’.New Book in Box

My heart was beating a bit faster than usual yesterday morning because I was given the task of opening the first box of our new Blonde-Book. I didn’t need to worry, it looks beautiful and is a very welcome sibling to ‘The Dartmoor Christmas Tree’.DSC_2935

We are planning a most excellent book launch in conjunction with Dartmoor National Park Authority at the end of October. Date to be confirmed but we hope you will all be able to attend.

I am still not going to tell you what our new book is called; but here is a Blonde riddle to help you guess:

I start on D and end at D.
My name means quick, and I am you see.
You can walk by me, swim and even climb,
I’ve been up here for a very long time.
My colours start green, grey and brown;
But I prefer blues when I get to town.
I am sometimes playful, sometimes coy,
People love me, but I also destroy.
I have a rich, earthy, Dartmoory smell,
My name is **** and you know me well!

Feel free to tell us Blondes your guesses. We may or may not tell you if they are correct!