By: Blonde Two

At our last count, there are three Dartmoor bunkhouses in Princetown. The Two Blondes have tried all three of them and have found that each has its merits, and has occasions that suit it.

Bunkhouses also exist outside the bounds of Dartmoor (strange to think that anything does really). This week I went (with ten youngsters and some strapping chaps) to stay in a bunkhouse across the border in Cornwall. New and unvisited accommodation can be a bit worrying even when you haven’t been responsible for booking it; questions like, “How big are the spiders?” “Where can I store my hair elastics?” and “Is there actually a cooker?” fill a Blonde head (I once had to cook a stir-fry in a microwave).

The only fault that I could find with our very beautiful Cornish abode was the size of the spiders; they were enormous and, as token grown-up in the girls’ dormitory, it was unfortunately my job to deal with them. Everything else about the place was just perfect, there was:

A table and benches big enough for at least fourteen people.
A very efficient woodburner.
Enough sofas for all.
A stunning sea view.
A Rangemaster cooker (two ovens!)
Clean loos.
Direct access to the coast path.
Comfy beds.
A stunning sea view.
A barbecue area.
Benches from which to observe the stunning sea view.
Water blowing in through the stable door.

Okay, so the last thing wasn’t so good but we were almost on a cliff top, and there were 50 mph gusts (at least) on the first night.

When there weren’t 50mph gusts, the property and the view looked like this. Kind of perfect, I am sure you will agree!

PentireView Pentire