By: Blonde One

That comment is just NOT true!!!! Some people thrive on change, relish something new and simply adore challenges that have not been faced before. Not so with me. I am very definitely a creature of habit – as is Blonde Two. We like traditions: we usually insist on a very strict pattern for all things, especially outdoorsy things. Sometimes – I admit – change ends up being a good thing but in the meantime I try my best to resist. Take this weekend for example:

The tent situation is different: where will the Two Blondes sleep and which corner of the new tent will be the kitchen?

The transport is different: who will be passenger to which driver?

The people are different: will the new (and lovely) people snore as loud as the people we are used to?

The catering has changed: will the pasta bolognaise go down as well with the kids as the usual takeaway?

So, you see, my routines have all gone to pot and I’m a little bit bemused by it all. I really should try to look forward to change and be excited by new things but in the meantime I am going to cling to old routines for as long as possible!