By: Blonde Two

At some point after our New Year’s Eve bivvy, Mr B2 and I decided that during 2015, we would try to do one bivvy for each month.

The most significant day that I could think of in February (so important that we often ignore it) was St Valentine’s Day and I chose (although ended up beneath) Beardown Tors as the venue because this is purportedly the 14th highest tor on Dartmoor (think about it!) DSC_3670

Now you can say some things about Blondes, and I am sure that you do; but did you know that they could be such cheap dates?  While the rest of the female world required sumptuous roses (note the plural here), chilled wine, Belgian chocolates (not cheap ones from Tescos), restaurant meals (not a Chinese takeaway), exactly the right piece of music (you should know the one without me telling you), self-composed poetry (not limericks numbskull), an open fire and Tiffany jewellery (yes I do know what that is); all I wanted was a night in an orange bag, inside a blue bag, under the stars, in the middle of a bog.


Okay, so the bog bit wasn’t really part of the plan.  A sad combination of flapping boot soles, darkness and no spare socks led to us not making it to the top of the hill; but then, I didn’t specify a hill so I was happy.


It was cold but I was cosy and the stars were beautiful.  It has to be said that two separate bivvy bags, each covered in their own ice, doesn’t really make for romantic liaisons, but we listened to each other snoring, shared a dawn hot chocolate and took pictures of each other asleep (does my bum look big in this?)