By: Blonde Two

A frosty winter morning is a fine thing indeed. I have been visiting family in Malvern this week and was lucky enough to be awake for yesterday’s sunrise.

You could argue that the best sunrises are the ones that you can watch from your cosy bed. Be it tent, bivvy or your mum’s spare room, a warm sunrise is better than a freezing cold one.

A day with such a spectacular start just had to have a walk in it. Once my sister (illustrator of The Dartmoor Christmas Tree) and I had wolfed down our breakfast (another great thing about staying at your mum’s house), it was jackets and thermals on and we were off straight up the side of the hill).DSC_3263

In Devon, I have to drive to reach my favourite walking spots, in Malvern, I can walk straight from the door (as long as I don’t mind starting with a big hill.

It was one of those days that walking was designed for, one of those days that makes you feel alive from your follicle tips to your toe nails, one of those days which fills your eyes with bright, hazy light and fills your lungs with mountain fresh air.DSC_3268

The Malverns are stunning. They rise unexpectedly and majestically from the surrounding green plains and stare fiercely at you until you climb them. The views are never a disappointment, well no view that has Lord Hereford’s Knob in it wouldn’t be would it?