By: Blonde Two

As I have already mentioned, Blonde One and I took our lovely young leaders out to do some night navigation on Friday. We had a great time, and some impressive skill was demonstrated. I thought that you Blondees and Blondettes might like the opportunity (from the comfort of your sofas, beds or loos) to have a go at a part of our course yourselves.

Here is the challenge.  Look at the map image below. The purple circle shows your location, the pink arrow shows your destination. Now decide how you would get from purple to pink; remember that it is dark, you have a pathetic head torch and you don’t know what the terrain is like.DSC_3833

If you have worked that out, here are some questions (answers tomorrow!):

1.  What is the feature that you are heading towards called?

2.  What will it look like?

3.  Reasons for following the wall?

4.  Reasons for walking on a direct bearing?

5.  Reasons for stopping for coffee?