By: Blonde One

I love bags and I am more than happy to be described as a bag lady. I like girly handbags as much as more ruffty tuffty outdoorsy bags. The Blonde One household is full of all sorts of bags and Little Miss Blonde has definitely inherited the ‘love of bags’ gene. One day I think I will count them; there would be a lot!

Recently Little Miss Blonde and I have discussed a particularly problematic bag situation and involves us complaining about the amount of bags. This is a rare occurrence.

Lately we have gone to our ‘day jobs’ with a spring in our step caused by the promise of some entertaining outdoorsy stuff at the end of it. Brilliant, you might think. But this situation requires an extraordinary amount of baggage.

The normal handbag is carried to work along with the slightly larger bag containing the paperwork for the day. As well as this, there is the bag full of outdoor clothing to make a hasty change into for the after work events. Inside this bag of clothes is a bag with shoes for driving and a bag with makeup/contact lenses. A bag will also come to work with an empty flask and water bottle ready to be filled, and some food for tea.

In the car is a boot bag, the normal rucksack and a duffel bag for overnight equipment. Inside this duffel bag is a bag of food, a sleeping bag and a bag with spare clothes.

Not only is it tricky to remember which bags go where, but it is a feat of organisation to remember which things go in which bag! Luckily we love a good system and obviously have developed a very effective one for this problem.