By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I have many ambitions, they include climbing mountains, undertaking overseas trips and a complete overhaul of the British education system (maybe not all during 2016!)

One ongoing ambition (I think it was one of our first) is to own and run our own bunkhouse. Think how fabulous this bunkhouse would be:

It would welcome young people from all over the world.
It would provide luxurious leaders’ accommodation.
It would have a massive table with comfortable chairs for eating and mapping activities.
It would have excellent kitchen facilities.
It would have the most dry of drying rooms.

It would be somewhere stunning on Dartmoor.

What fun we would have providing a warm and educational welcome to all. If only we could afford such a thing.

Whilst having a very important meeting at a very lovely pub the other day; we did a spot of Blonde-Brain-Storming (which is not the same thing as Brainy-Blonde-Storming) and came up with a few Getting-a-Bunkhouse ideas.

1. Steal a bunkhouse! Not sure that either of us has a rucksack large enough. Plus, we couldn’t find any specific laws but we think this is illegal.

Jelly Baby Nun's Cross 2BW
2. Build a bunkhouse! Could work but getting planning permission from Dartmoor National Park would be tricky; they are sticklers you know!

HO Cottage 1
3. Squat in a bunkhouse! We are not sure how to do this, but if you find us in your bunkhouse, just sitting there one day, you will know that we are exercising our squatters’ rights.


Should any of you people out there happen to have a bunkhouse to spare, do drop us Blondes a line. We would make very good use of it (and probably overhaul the British education system at the same time), I promise!