By: Blonde Two

You know how we Blondes joke about one day being film stars in Two Blondes the Movie? Well, last weekend we got one step closer to that moment.

We had decided that we needed some proper Blonde publicity photos for our blog. Our identities are still a bit of a mystery but this doesn’t work so well when you are trying to persuade people that you are safe enough to go camping in the middle of nowhere with. Mr Blonde One takes a good photo and he very kindly agreed to bring his camera (fact about Mr Blonde One’s camera – it is a big one) out to Dartmoor.

I take my hat off to him (in fact we Blondes spent quite a lot of time taking our hats on and off). Putting up with two giggling Blondes fussing about big bottoms, double chins and bra straps would be enough to send any bloke off to the nearest Dartmoor pub. We Blondes are both very pleased with the results (one is already our blog banner); but as always, being Blonde, we discovered a few interesting facts along the way:

My bottom is enormous – difficult to avoid this fact when you have asked for ‘walking-away-into-the-distance’ photos.

Both Blondes have badly behaved hair, but Blonde One’s is definitely the naughtiest.


Mr Blonde One is very patient.

Dartmoor probably looks best without us in the photo.

Jelly Babies look fab against granite.

Mr Blonde One is very patient.

It is difficult to pretend it is winter when the sun is shining, the grass is green and you are squinting into the light.


Sitting down photos are good when your bottom is enormous.

Some tops just aren’t as flattering as you thought they might be.

Mr Blonde Two was right, my rucksack is always lopsided.

We had a great couple of hours, finished off by an ice-cream. The results made me realise that I probably wouldn’t be playing myself  in Two Blondes the Movie; but they also made me very happy when I realised that we Blondes look and feel our very best when we are just being our silly selves!

Thanks Mr Blonde One!