By: Blonde One

Someone very close to my heart has a bit of trouble hearing. She has had problems since being very little and has had numerous operations to try to improve things. However, instead of making things better she has been left with so much scar tissue that she needs to wear a hearing aid. She does this with good grace and has always accepted the situation without making a fuss. Even in the not-so-long-ago days of being a teenager, she didn’t complain and did her best to use her blonde (obviously) hair to hide it. Over the last couple of years she has started to make a bit of a fuss about one particular aspect of wearing her hearing aid. You might think it would be the problems she faces when in a busy room full of people, or at a music concert, or at one of her choir’s festivals … but no. She complains when she’s on Dartmoor because the wind makes the hearing aid useless. She’s tried all sorts but to no avail. She’s asked her doctor several times to be told it’s just one of those irritations! Recently though she’s been to see a different doctor and he has given her a new device which has its own Dartmoor setting! Very impressive. He actually called it an ‘outdoor setting’ but we know what it’s really going to be used for. She’s very pleased with her Dartmoor setting and has tested it out several times. I would love a Dartmoor setting of my own. But then again, perhaps I do have one; Dartmoor = instant happiness!