By: Blonde Two

Today is Valentine’s Day – cue sudden closing of laptop and exit to shop before partner wakes up.

Done the card and roses thing now? – get yourself a cuppa and I will carry on.  As I said, today is Valentine’s Day.  It has been a long time now since I have been on the look out for a partner.  I am very happily married to Mr Blonde Two and have so been for a considerable amount of time.  Blonde One and I often talk about how lucky we are with our tolerant husbands.  Mr Blonde Two is so good at putting up with my Dartmoor foibles and strange gift needs that I can’t imagine anyone else would quite do.  Just imagine the write up I would do on the dating agency website;

Blonde – Long legs, dodgy knees and too many contours.  Likes filthy bogs, ancient burial sites and cold soup.  IPT (is partial to) wandering round in the dark, counting lichen and extreme map folding.  Favourite TV show – Countryfile.  Favourite book – Dartmoor 365.  Favourite food – Jelly Babies.

Would like to meet – Male with GSOH (gigantic sense of humour) and SI (similar interests) for FTA (fun travel and adventure).  Must be willing to carry a back pack and trail across Dartmoor in the dark.  Must not object to falling in mud, horizontal rain or walking over the same ground eight times to find a three foot boundary stone.  Must be able to put up with a partner who has weekends away, does excessive blog typing and moans about her knee.

What do you think my chances of success would be – not great I imagine.  Just as well I am happy where I am.  Happy Valentines Day Mr Blonde Two!