By: Blonde One

Apart from the difficulties in planning, the recent Gold DofE trip was very eventful.

The day started quite early on with a case of mild hypothermia. Luckily the patient was treated with hot chocolate, cookies and an orange group shelter.

Just before lunch we had a broken ankle that required emergency treatment and then a efficient helicopter evacuation. The group settled down to cook themselves lunch (since the stoves and tents were already out after the broken ankle). This resulted in a quite serious burn for a Young Leader. The group quickly dealt with this and got going again to finish their route. We thought we were home and dry with the minibus in sight when we had a serious case of LMF (lack of moral fibre, or grumpy teenager-ishness). The group found this tricky to deal with but the Young Leaders soon stepped in to demonstrate strategies to deal with it.

It was a very busy day but luckily it was all just training! The Young Leaders, it seems, are excellent actors as well as leaders!