By: Blonde Two

Wednesday was a double sun event day, at least it was here in Devon.

A double sun event is not one where the sky suddenly appears crowded by additional celestial globes, rather it is a day that includes an equally spectacular sunrise and sunset.

I got into the sea for my morning swim at 07:40 and got out again at approximately 07:46, not long but it felt particularly cold and I had some numb fingers, maybe that is the price you pay for such heavenly opulence as was about to reveal itself. The skies were impressive when I arrived, I found myself driving quicker along the seafront and jogging down to the beach in case I missed the optimum moment. I didn’t as it turns out, the best was definitely yet to come.

The swim was exhilaratingly short and the change afterwards rapid which was just as well because in the end I didn’t miss the magnificent sunrise. The sun appeared first as a deep glow above the horizon, then gradually an orange globe started to reveal itself, so slowly until at last it was there, a whole orange sphere floating on the furthest reaches of the sea.

After marvelling for a while at my good fortune and the world’s bounty, I went home to work. Later that afternoon I set off to meet Blonde One (we had loads to discuss including important things like how to eat spaghetti). The sky was up to its magical tricks again and I noticed a glow to the west.

If you sit yourself on exactly the right hill in South Devon, you can watch a sunrise to the East and a sunset to the West. I wasn’t on the right hill to find this perfect sunset so I pulled off up a side road and took this photo towards Dartmoor.

Same winter sun, a different beautiful place. How lucky I am to live here, happily wedged between the sea and the moor.