By: Blonde Two

Sometimes it is very useful to be a girl as well as a Two Blonde. For example, only an outdoor girl would be able to work out how these two devices go together.

Bladder and Hairdryer 1

If you are not an outdoor girl (never mind!) then you might need some Blonde explanation: The blue device is a water bladder; you fill it up (never with vodka), attach a drinking tube, hide it in your rucksack and take stealthy sips of water when you are a bit knackered. The black device is a hair dryer; I have forgotten what you are supposed to do with that.

When you have finished walking and sipping with your water bladder (this doesn’t happen very often), it usually sits next to the sink until your husband gets fed up and empties it. After he has emptied it, it is very difficult to get it properly dry (nobody likes an improper bladder). If you want to do the job quickly, you can utilise the hair dryer thus.

Bladder and Hairdryer 2

Boys are very important, but it takes a girl to work these important little issues out.