By: Blonde One

At least one of the Two Blondes are two of the above things!

We love words and have coined a few of our own, but this blog is about recent neologisms by other people.

We are both ‘hens’: happy empty-nesters: mothers who are enjoying the freedom of having their children leave home.

Neither of us are ‘dumbwalkers’: people walking slowly, without paying attention to their surroundings because they’re too busy on their smartphone.

One of us might soon be a ‘last-time buyer’: a person of a certain age looking to downsize their property.

We contribute to and participate in the ‘flat white economy’: the media and internet businesses that are bolstering the economy.

At least one of us likes a ‘lumbersexual’: a man who adorns a hearty, outdoorsy style of clothing.

Neither of us will ever need (or admit to needing) ‘face ironing’: a cosmetic procedure to reduce wrinkles.

Our best new word is a ‘jobbie’, and my favourite phrase by Roald Dahl is ‘disgusterous and sickable, like snozcumber’. Have you got some favourites?