By: Blonde Two

I have been up in Malvern again. Very briefly (almost as brief as this blog post) but I am pleased to report that the Malvern Hills were looking their fabulous best. They have a dusting of snow which looks exactly like icing sugar – this is particularly appropriate for “Sugar Loaf Hill”.

It is always nice when place names do exactly what they are supposed to. When a mountain called “Seat” looks like a chair, when a hill called “Black” is all shadowy and mysterious. I like a rock called “Hound” to look like it is about to chase you and a “Beacon” to look as though it should have an enormous fire on top of it.

Some hills though, should be careful not to too closely resemble their name. Wales needs to cautious about this with places like Fan y Big and Lord Hereford’s Knob to consider!