By: Blonde One

Today I decided to take the family out on a little walk. Well I say little, but it turned into a 10 miler! Since the family (Mr Blonde One, Little Miss Blonde and Little Mr Blonde (who is very good at website stuff incidentally)) were coming out, there had to be at least one ice cream van and one pub or café to tempt them round. The route took in a very nicely stocked ice cream van and a gorgeous pub. The pub was tucked away in North Bovey and if you’ve ever been there you will know that it is a picture perfect village. It was sunny and warm and we were definitely ready for a cool refreshing drink after about 6 miles of our planned route.

Before we arrived at the pub we were discussing the merits of having a pub or café in the middle of the walk instead of at the end. A mid-way break and snack is always very welcome but does it make the second half of the walk harder? Is it better to have the pub/café at the end so that the thought of it motivates you to get there before it closes? We couldn’t really decide but thought that what you consumed while there certainly had an effect. We decided, when about 2 miles away from the pub, that we would conduct a very scientific experiment (for those of you that know Little Miss Blonde, you will remember that she is a very scientific person and likes nothing better than a good experiment). We agreed that one of us would have 3 pints, one of us would have 2, one of us would have just 1 and the last person (the driver) would have none. We would then continue the walk and see which person found it the hardest and was the most sluggish! Like I said, it was very scientific!

Our results showed that the driver had more energy at the end of the walk (but this could be because this person has the most walking enthusiasm anyway). However that’s really about the limit of the experiment’s use as no-one could bear to drink 3 pints and no-one could stand to have just one when everyone else was having another! So we have concluded that the optimum amount to consume at a lovely pub on a beautiful sunny day, midway through a walk is either 2 pints or nothing!