By: Blonde Two

Well this Blonde has had a go at another podcast. This time about a particularly chilly sea swim that I had last weekend. I had great fun and a few logistics issues making it and thanks to Gill and Dave for their contribution (and lunch). As well as teaching me that wind noise is a real pain in the proverbial, this podcasting business is teaching me a few things about myself:

  1. I am quite comfortable talking to myself.
  2. Wind is not my friend (I have said this before).
  3. I sniff an awful lot when I am outside.
  4. I can now recognise the waveform pattern of my sniff.
  5. I definitely get my r’s and my w’s mixed up (something to do with not knowing my r’s from… help me out here!)
  6. I can’t run and talk for very long.
  7. I can probably type faster than I can talk.
  8. Seagulls are only loud when you are not recording them.
  9. Waves are not as loud as you might imagine and when they are loud there is too much wind to record them.
  10. I need one of those fuzzy microphone things – you know, the ones you just want to stroke.

Anyway, here is Blondecast number two… and yes I really did have a swim. In fact there have been very few days so far this winter when I haven’t. Enjoy…