By: Blonde Two

It was all my own fault. In my quest for further Blonde adventure, I asked for a bivvy (bivouac) bag for Christmas. And on Christmas day, Skinny-Blue was unwrapped, duly admired and put into the cupboard. From where he kept calling me, there was no way around it; I had to use him as soon as possible and New Year’s Eve seemed like the appropriate moment.

Appropriate – yes, but practical – no. I didn’t want to go alone so had to drag poor Mr B2 out with me (apologies there). The Dartmoor weather was particularly pants, low, wet cloud, a mirky moon and not a star in sight. Plus, There was no way that B1 was going to be able to come out and play on New Year’s Eve.

Have you ever driven anywhere at 10.00 on New Year’s Eve night? It is a spooky experience, there are no cars on the road and all of the usual late-night vending-facilities are unlit. We arrived on the moor at 11.00 … tell you more about it soon!