By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes have a variety of kit – both old and new – that they are very attached to and parting can be ‘such sweet sorrow’ (to quote Juliet). I have, today, said goodbye to a very loyal, well worn, trusted pair of boots. It was a tough day for all those involved, not least for the student who took them off my hands as she had to listen to me rambling on about how attached I was to them! The boots were merely cluttering up my house and gathering dust along with the other spare 4 pairs. It was necessary to de-clutter somewhat! The pain was eased a little as I handed them over to a very deserving student who, without these boots that she has borrowed previously, would not be able to get out on the moors with us and her friends. My grief is considerably subdued due to knowing that these boots will encourage another Dartmoor lover of the future.

It’s worth considering though, that perhaps since I now have room in the house I could purchase a new pair!?