By: Blonde Two

There is a lot of talk about what you should eat whilst out on the hills. One thing is sure, eight hours up hills, through bogs, over tussocks and across rivers will give you a need for more calories than you are used to consuming.

We Blondes teach our youngsters that a good breakfast, preferably a hot one, can make the difference between a day of success and a day of misery.  I would like to say that we always follow our own advice, but sometimes time just doesn’t allow (and we don’t actually like the  just-add-water porridges that we both take to every camp).

A full cooked English would obviously be our preference, but that would take a tad more effort than we usually have available after a cold tent night. I know that some Ten Tors leaders manage it; and there are alternatives, for example Blonde One had a cook-in-the-bag brekkie yesterday (she is a very well behaved Blonde).

I however didn’t; but I did have what I thought was a most excellent cold alternative to the full English. I call it the Full Blondish. Think sausage, egg and bacon, and then replace that thought with a Scotch egg and a bag of Frazzles (bacon flavoured wheat snacks). It tastes fine, can be eaten whilst writing route cards, sorting out blisters and striking a tent (all at the same time). If all of that multitasking leaves you no time to eat it, you can shove it in your pocket and munch on the move.

If you think my breakfast sounds disgusting or unsuitable, you are almost certainly right. Please feel free to bring us both up a proper repast next time we are camping out.  We really don’t want to eat our porridge.